Kate Spade Smartwatch Review: Stylish Hybrid Watch for Women

Kate Spade Smartwatch
Kate Spade Smartwatch


If you’re more concerned with style than features, the Kate Spade New York could be the ideal choice. It’s got an elegant, traditional look and excellent battery life. Just don’t expect the fitness tracking features of something like a Garmin.


  1. Stylish classic look
  2. Durable stainless-steel build
  3. Functional activity tracker


  1. No heart-rate monitoring
  2. No digital display
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For some people style is everything. This could be just the smartwatch for them.

The Kate Spade smartwatch retains the styling of a traditional clockwork wrist piece but packs some 21st-century technology under the normal-looking exterior.

It’s not exactly feature-rich and won’t do the job for everyone but certainly has it’s positives.

Let’s talk about the Kate Spade watch and see what it does well (and not so well).

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The Kate Spade Grand Metro smartwatch has a clean hybrid build. It basically looks like a classic wristwatch of yesteryear but under the hood are some smart features.

Just like other Kate Spade watches, it has the traditional analog clock face and the stainless-steel casing along with a leather wrist strap. On first look it’s actually impossible to tell if it’s a smartwatch or not. 

Despite being a hybrid watch, it doesn’t come with a digital display. There are a total of three buttons on the side which are the only ways to operate the watch.

It comes in a variety of 4 colors and is aimed at the women’s market with its styling. The available colors are: Black and Rose Gold, Grey and Silver, Vachetta and Gold, and Two Tone Silver.

[Each color below takes to its official product page upon clicking]

Black and Rose GoldVachetta and Gold

Grey and SilverTwo Tone Silver


1. Activity Tracking: You can track steps, monitor sleep, countdown events and set goals using this smartwatch. All the basic activity tracking sensors and features are included in the device.

2. App Notification: The watch can give light and vibration notifications of incoming calls, messages, e-mails, and some specific apps. Though it alerts you of notifications, you cannot read the text because there is no digital screen. You have to look at your phone for the actual messages.

3. Remote Features: It has the ability to control camera shutters, find phones, and control music remotely using Bluetooth.

4. Water Resistant: A hard splash or a brief immersion in water is not a problem for this Kate Spade New York watch since it can resist water up to 30 meters (100 feet). However, it is not recommended that you swim or bathe with it on.

5. No Charging: You don’t have to deal with charging the device because it is not rechargeable and it can go up to 6 months in one go. You are provided with caseback changing tools in the package in case you need to change the battery.

6. Sync: You will have to synchronize with the Kate Spade App on your smartphone featuring either Android OS 4.4+ or iOS 8.2+. It is, additionally, reported that it does work on Bluetooth 4.1 enabled phones.

Is the Kate Spade Smartwatch Worth a Shot?

If you’re put off by the look of regular smartwatches and are looking for something a bit more traditional looking then this watch could be worth a punt.

However, it’s not exactly feature-packed and like many hybrid watches with long battery life, it’s not great when it comes to activity tracking. If you’re an active person that needs more features from a watch then something like the Garmin 235 could be a good bet (it’s an excellent sports watch). There’s also the Bellabeat Leaf Urban which has a classical look but has way more under the hood.

The Kate Spade Grand Metro is undoubtedly one of the best available hybrid watches for women. The design talks for itself and the features are pretty cool (if somewhat limited). The additional features like water resistance, never charging, and remote controls make it even more charming.

It offers reasonable value for money but this is an area where they can improve in the future.

Let us know what you think down below! Have you used this watch before? We’d love to hear your feedback down in the comments section.

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